Stainless Steel Floor Drainage Solutions for Leisure.

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Component Development's 30 years expeience working with some of the biggest names in the leisure has resulted in the design of a standard channel system suitable to meet the demands of a busy gym or fitness club.

The 6010 standard channel system includes:

  • A 1:100 built in fall to encourage water discharge.
  • A durable Heelsage grating that can withstand pedestrian traffic but is kind on bare feet.
  • Trapped outlet gully assembly with remoavble waste basket and odour trap.

 As standard the channel can be supplied in any length with the outlet positioned anywhere along the length.

Various options are available to adapt the standard design including channel designs to suit a vinyl floor finish, perforated gratings and side outlet gullies.

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Technical information for Stainless Steel Floor Drainage Solutions for Leisure.

Product type 6010
Description Stainless steel drainage channel 180mm wide with 150mm wide Heelsafe gratings, 47 x 5mm open mesh, 12 x 3mm load bar. System includes built-in fall to type 5150-110VW stainless steel, height adjustable trapped outlet gully with removable waste basket, odour trap, rodding port and 110mm diameter vertical outlet spigot.
Material options Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Standard sizes 180mm wide - length of channel and position of outlet to suit site requirements. 
Loading capability Pedestrian
Applications Shower areas within leisure centres - typically traversing more than one shower cubicle.



We have carefully developed our standard range of channel systems to meet your most common needs, dependant on where and how the channel system will be used.

This takes into consideration the following questions;

1) What is the floor finish of the area?

2) What is the amount of wastewater?

3) What is the type of traffic passing over?



If our standard range doesn't meet your needs we offer an adapt service.

Adapt aims to meet your more specific needs by providing you with ‘adapted’ standard range products in a very short lead time.

Because we manufacture everything in house we have the ability to completely personalise any of the standard range products to your needs.

For example, you may want one of the standard channels to be a little bit longer, or wider. You may need the depth to be deeper. Maybe you need two different floor finishes to meet one channel and therefore a combination of profiles is needed.

Just ask us for more information.



We understand that, although our product range is versatile, there are times when our customers need us to just rip up the templates and begin from scratch and we are more than happy to do so.

If you’re not quite sure what is needed for the job at hand, just give us a call. Our aim is to help guide you through the entire process from design stage to installation and of course the after care.

Just give us a call on 01952 588488


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