Stainless Steel Drainage Channel Systems for Commercial Kitchens

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The correct drainage solution will help mamage risk by preventing accidents whilst also hygiencially being required by European Law - EC582 and is frequently mentioned within the HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) framework.

To ensure Component Developments' incorporate these requirements into their drainage and ensure each product is designed to be a market leader in all three of these specifications, Component Developments focuses on these three principles during conception and design.


Hygiene Design Features

  • Easy clean design 
  • Grade 304 or Grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Stress free accessibility to all components for easy maintenence
  • Protection against foul air recirculation
  • Rounded spigot to encourage waste flow


Safety Design Features

  • Slip resistant gratings
  • Effective water removal preventing pooling
  • Products specific to each individual kitchen requirements
  • Products sit flush with the floor to minimise trip hazard


Durability and Funcationality Features

  • Built with a 1:100 as standard, which is optimum for self-draining
  • Strong material which will last decades if maintained properly 
  • Can be modified to meet any specific drain connection or depth requirements
  • Easy to remove gratings, which are designed with human strength in mind (we will never supply a grating that the average person could not remove with ease - what is the point?



Technical information for Stainless Steel Drainage Channel Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Floor Finish




Drainage channel profile

3010 3051
Grating Type

Anti-slip grating.

23 x 23mm open mesh.

30 x 2mm load bar.

Gully Type 5200
Built in Fall 1:100
Material Options Grade 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Standard Widths

200mm wide x 150mm Grating

250mm wide x 200mm Grating

300mm wide x 250mm Grating

350mm wide x 300mm Grating

400mm wide x 350mm Grating


Non-Standard Widths

Require a non-standard width? No problem, Contact one of our sales team for further information.


Applications Wash down areas such as food prep stations and pot wash areas.

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