Stainless Steel Vinosealâ„¢ Access Cover

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After 30 years experience within the industry, Component Developments designed a product range specifically for vinyl sheet flooring. This range included a vinyl sheet clamping flange capable of taking up to 4mm thick vinyl sheets and helps prevent floor failure.

An advantage to this design is that the surrounding floor vinyl is clamped separately from the vinyl on the cover, therefore when the cover is removed neither the internal or external vinyl is disturbed.

Once installed, only the polished stainless steel trim of the lightweight cover is visible.


Loading capacities

Standard loading capacities for the 4200 and 4300 covers are pedestrian. However, all of the covers are available as a bespoke option in a range of loading capacities, listed as load classes A-D in BS EN 124.

Technical information for Stainless Steel Vinosealâ„¢ Access Cover

Product type 4300-Stainless steel vinoseal access cover and frame.
Description Clamps to allow seperate piece of vinyl on the access cover to the surrounding floor.
Material options Grade 304 or 316 polished stainless steel.
Standard sizes (clear opening dimentions in mm)
  • 450x450
  • 450x600
  • 600x600
  • 600x750
  • 750x750
Loading capability Various options available, listed as classes A-D in BS EN 124 
Applications For internal use in high hygiene areas, such as kitchens and food prep areas.


Non-standard sizes can be manufactured to suit specific site requirements, including overall cover and frame dimentions to suit tile modules. Please Contact us to discuss any variations or alterations you require.

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