Stainless Steel Multi-Covers

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4200, 4300, 4500

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Each of the three designs of stainless steel access cover can be supplied as multi-covers for larger spans. This has the benefit of reducing the weight of the cover to ease handling with the added benefit of a removable cross bar enabling complete open access to the entire clear opening of the manhole.

All of the covers have been designed for easy access. Simply by replacing the bolts which hold down the covers and using the threaded lifting handles provided, the covers can easily be lifted off.


Technical information for Stainless Steel Multi-Covers

Product type 4200, 4300 or 4500
Description A single frame which allows for multiple covers. Dividing bars are easily removable for complete access to the entire clear opening.
Material options Grade 304 or 316 polished stainless steel
Loading capability Various options available, listed as classes A-D in BS EN 124
Applications For internal use in high hygiene areas, such as kitchens and food prep areas.


Non-standard sizes can be manufactured to suit specific site requirements, including overall cover and frame dimentions to suit tile modules. Please Contact us to discuss any variations or alterations you require.

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