Stainless Steel Manhole Covers

We produce 3 different styles of stainless steel access cover; recessed, Vinoseal (for use with vinyl sheet flooring) and heavy duty. All are manufactured from stainless steel in grades 304 or 316 and are therefore ideal for food preparation areas where high hygiene is of importance.

More than a standard manhole cover, our stainless steel fabricated access covers can be used for both internal and external use and can be made in a range of different sizes for many different applications and can even be made to your specific needs.

  • All covers are double sealed (to prevent foul air and bad smells escaping)
  • Can be locked down
  • Recessed, Heavy Duty or manufactured with a vinyl clamp
  • Lifting key/handles supplied for easy access
  • Standard sizes or bespoke
  • Listed as classes A-D in BS EN 124

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Recessed Access Cover

Stainless Steel Recessed Manhole Cover

Suitable for tiled, resin or concrete floor finishes.

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Vinoseal Access Cover

Stainless Steel Vinosealâ„¢ Manhole Cover

Stainless Steel Manhole Cover Suitable for Vinyl Floor Finish.

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HD Access Cover

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Manhole Cover

For areas such as loading bays, where slow moving vehicles are used.

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Stainless Steel Multi-Covers

Component Developments access covers can also be supplied as multi-covers for larger openings.

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