Stainless Steel Slot Drains

Favoured by landscape architects, our slot drain has been designed to offer a very discreet but highly effective channel drainage solution. The slot channels maximise flow capacity while minimising the profile visible at ground level, allowing it to fit within the surrounding area.

The slot channel system has a remarkably shallow depth, when compared to similar products available on the market. This helps to reduce the excavation and construction requirements during installation and allows the channel to be located within areas where depth is a key consideration, such as podium decks for example.

The channel system incorporates a single linear slot which allows for free flow of surface water drainage. Also perforations have been made along the length of the channel, together with a membrane tanking flange, which allows for secondary drainage to the channel.

Although surprisingly shallow, the slot channel has been designed to be deep enough to easily allow bedding materials and paving to sit flush with the ground level.

The slot channels are available in symmetrical or asymmetrical profiles with various opening widths.

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Slot drain 3603

Symmetrical Slot Drain

A high performance, ultra thin and discrete drainage solution.

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Asymmetrical Slot Drain

One of the most discrete slot drains on the market.

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