How do the channels join together?

We have a number of options available for the jointing of our channels systems. As standard all our channel systems are supplied with fully welded endplate outlets for connection to a trapped gully or drain. Where possible we try to avoid the requirement of a joint to minimise the installation time required for our customers however when transport or access into the building requires it we have three options available to us for jointing the supplied channel sections;

 Flanged Joint

A water-tight mechanical joint including a nitrile gasket this assembly has been used successfully for over twenty years in environments as varied as food factories and leisure centres. 

Welded joint

When specific specifications require a fully welded channel joint or the fabric of the building restricts the depth available so negating the possibility of using a flanged joint we utilise a site welded joint. The channel is supplied with an outer sleeve and connecting brackets to enable the channel to be levelled, installed and prepared for a welder to simply complete the welding of the two butted channel faces. 

Sleeve joint

For installations that do not require a completely water-tight joint we can supply the channel system with a sleeve joint that can be utilised with a form of sealant to form a channel joint.