What is the minimum / maximum width of a channel?


The minimum width of channel we produce with a removable grating is only restricted by the effect of the reduction in capacity by the size of the channel bore.

We can produce systems with a grating of 100mm, however when a ledge is designed into the channel system to support the grating the effective bore of the channel reduces to around 75mm.

All of our standard drainage channels have been designed to optimise the channels effectiveness in combination with it’s mesh grating and outlet. If a very minimal visual impact is required for the channel system we have a number of slot and compact channel systems that are available to suit various floor finishes and specifications. These have all the benefits of the open channel systems, are entirely manufactured from stainless steel but include a drainage slot rather than removable grating.



In theory the maximum width of our open channel systems (with grating) is only restricted by the width of stainless steel sheet sizes the channels are manufactured from, that are commercially available.

In practice a number of elements effect the viability of a very wide channel system such as the load-bearing capacity of the grating, the infill of the grating, transport available and access in to the building.

Generally, systems wider than 1,000mm are very rarely required.