Za Za Bazaar

Za Za Bazaar


Interior Building Drainage

Za Za Bazaar is a banquet-style global cuisine restaurant, based in Newcastle.

This project was fast tracked to achieve a hand over prior to the Christmas period. The main kitchen was located first floor level, with a wash up and smaller kitchen on the ground floor.

The first floor was a timber construction with a quartz resin finish. Component Developments designed stainless steel drainage channels using their 3010 channel profile to suit this floor construction, with the channel outlets extended through the floor structure. Gullies were offered up the channels from the lower floor and fixed to the ceiling.

Component Developments also had to ensure that the underground pipework, and kitchen plan were integrated into the design of the stainless steel drainage systems. Where kitchen machinery would be placed changed the hydraulic requirements of certain parts of the room.

Component Developments offered a drainage solution which worked around the building restraints and limitations, without sacrificing the sustainability or quality.

Channels and gullies were designed, approved, manufactured and delivered within 3 weeks. 

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