University of Birmingham

Interior Building Drainage


The University of Birmingham (UoB) has an average total student population of 35,000 making it the fourth largest university in the UK. The University of Birmingham has consistently been ranked in the top four of the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) league table and was the first UK University to offer a sports degree in 1954.

Component Developments was approached to help design, manufacture and supply the stainless steel floor drainage solution for the University of Birmingham’s new sports facilities.

Component Developments designed the shower drainage channel solutions after multiple site visits to the University of Birmingham’s sports facilities, to ensure the channels were perfect for their application. The drainage channels designed used the 6010 drainage channel profile, which was specifically designed for leisure applications. This was topped with a Heelsafe grating, which has a smooth mesh making it safe for barefoot. Each drainage channel had a built in fall Component Developments 5150 gully which had the flow rate capacity to take the volume of water under shower cubicles, whilst also having a removable waste basket to help collect human debris such as hair which would otherwise cause a blockage; especially in a university with such a high volume of students.

Component Developments also supplied four different specifications of standalone gully, with bespoke welded spigots to match the site requirements to allow connection to the below ground drainage.

Each standalone gully pot was circular spun in order to help encourage waste to easily slide down into the waste pipe. This self-cleansing design helps to prevent a build-up on bacteria which is commonly found in the corners of a square boxed gully. The gullies also included a removable waste basket to collect any debris and prevent it causing failure, and a trap to prevent foul air being recirculated.

Component Developments also designed and manufactured multi-cover manhole covers. Due to the size of the manholes, it was decided it would be best as two removable covers with a central bar rather than one singular cover, to help make the weight manageable if the covers did need removing. All manhole covers were recessed to take the floor finish, double sealed, air tight and came with lifting keys.

Everything supplied to the University of Birmingham’s sports hall was manufactured in grade 316 stainless steel. This is because grade 316 unlike grade 304 has 2-4% molybdenum which increases its corrosion resistance properties, making it the better suited grade around places in contact with chloride such as a swimming pool, changing areas and showers.

The final overall solution supplied was a highly durable, sustainable floor drainage solution capable of withstanding the high traffic count due to the large amount of students that the University of Birminham has.

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