University College London Hospital

University College Hospital NHS Trust


Interior Building Drainage

The Government with its PFI partners, has invested over £422m in building and equipping the brand new University College London Hospital. With state-of-the-art facilities phase one of the project covers an area of 7,500 square metres in total and houses 721 inpatients.

Component Developments worked with BCJV, a joint venture consisting of Balfour Beatty, Amec and Hade Young to design over 455 metres of fire lift drainage channels. The solutions needed to be suitable for a vinyl sheet flooring, and therefore Component Developments integrated their vinyl clamping flange into the systems.

The channels needed to have the ability to withstand a traffic load in excess of 1 tonne, this is due to apparatus such as a burn recovery bed, which when filled with fluid can be very heavy. 

Also supplied were 78 manhole covers and almost 60 metres of channels for hydrotherapy pools requiring gratings suitable for barefoot traffic. The kitchen area was fitted with our anti-slip gratings, to prevent employee slippage whilst helping the system withstand the weight of moving trolleys. The CD technical team were on site before the building structure was complete, ensuring that no questions went unanswered and the systems supplied fitted legal, hydraulic and loading requirements perfectly.


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