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Interior Building Drainage

The University of Sheffield has recently been voted the number one Russell Group university for student experience (2017).  With 27,947 students currently enrolled at the university, there needs to be plenty of places for students to eat.

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply 16 bespoke stainless steel gullies to be installed into the canteen kitchen. The floor drainage solution needed to be hygienic, meet all hydraulic requirements, have anti-slip properties and be durable.

The final solution was bespoke stainless steel bratt pan gullies, large enough to cope with the discharge from tilting kettles and other kitchen machinery. The gullies included a removable waste basket, filter plate and odour trap. This prevented foul air from circulating around the kitchen, whilst the removable waste basket allowed for debris to be caught, preventing blockages and allowing for periodic emptying of the basket.

All gullies were topped with Component Development’s anti-slip grating, which has a 23mm x 23mm open mesh, large enough for debris to fall into the system and be caught by the waste basket whilst also preventing employee slippage in places when oil, grease and surface water may be likely. 

Products used

Comm kitchen stainless steel channel

Stainless Steel Drainage Channel Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Component Developments has 30 years of experience supplying hygienic stainless steel drainage solutions for some of the most prestigious commercial kitchens throughout the UK.

Product Details


Stainless Steel Spot Gullies & Rodding Points

Use as single drainage points or with a channel

Product Details


Stainless Steel Gully for Bratt Pans and Tilting Kettles

After 30 years experience in the industry Component Developments designed a standard floor drainage solution especially to meet the requirements for Bratt Pans.

Product Details

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