The Ashburton Learning Village

Croydon Council in partnership with Jarvis Accommodation Services.


Interior Building Drainage

The Ashburton Learning Village is a flagship development for the Government’s initiative for Public-Private Funding Partnerships. The facility has been noted for its innovative design and energy efficient features and has been praised by the former RIBA President George Ferguson who claimed that it “sets a new design standard for schools”. It has since become a contender for this years Biennale Award for Best New Building.

The contribution of Component Developments was a number of drainage channels situated in shower areas. The channels were designed to manage water run-off from changing and shower areas, whilst being hygienic and safe for barefeet. Component Developments designed a compact channel, due to pricing and timing limitations.

The stainless steel drainage systems were supplied to site in one week, to suit the requirements of the contractor's proramme.

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