Tate Modern

Tate Modern


Interior Building Drainage

The Tate Modern is London’s free National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The Museum is a great mix of old and new, residing in what used to be the Bankside Power Station, it is a distinct mark on the London skyline. Tate Modern is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world. In 2016, 5.8 million people visited the gallery.

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply the stainless steel drainage to the kitchens and bars. The underground pipework, kitchen plan and tiled flooring had to be taken into account when designing the suitable drainage systems.

Component Developments designed ten stainless steel channel systems using their 3010 channel profile all of which were different lengths and widths to ensure that each channel could sufficiently clear the large amounts of waste water some of the kitchen equipment would discharge. Each system came fully built, complete with a built-in-fall to a 5200 trapped outlet gully, removable waste basket, odour trap, rodding port and 110mm diameter outlet spigot.

The gullies installed were larger than Component Developments standard product, in order to allow a larger waste basket to fit, and to accommodate for a larger amount of waste water. The removable waste baskets meant the system could be cleaned whenever necessary, and prevented blockages whilst increasing hygiene and ensuring that the kitchen complied with the ‘Food Hygiene Regulations’ (2006) which says “floors must allow adequate surface drainage”.

All Component Developments channel systems and gullies were fitted to match the tiling, lining up the grout lines with the stainless steel products.

Component Developments also designed, manufactured and supplied stainless steel buffer rails and corner guards which would protect the walls from damage, prevent bacteria build ups, whilst being easy to clean and maintain.

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