Stokesley Leisure Centre

Hambleton District Council

North Yorkshire

Interior Building Drainage

At the Stokesley Leisure Centre, the existing vinyl flooring and drainage channels had perished over the years and required replacing on a short building programme to minimise closure of the leisure centre.

Therefore, Component Developments was specified for a drainage channel system with a proven mechanical VinoSeal clamping flange. This physically clamps the vinyl to the channel preventing water ingress, which may cause the vinyl to lift and eventually fail. 

The channel system designed was the 6010 model; this system included a built in fall to a 5200 gully, with an odour trap, removable basket and 110mm diameter spigot. This system is ideal for a shower area, as it can effectively manage the run-off produced by the showers above, whilst the removable basket allows for periodic cleaning of the debris collected.

The channel was topped off with Component Developments Heelsafe grating, which is perfect for barefeet and pedestrian traffic.

This profile was specifically designed for vinyl flooring and is approved by the leading vinyl flooring manufacturers.














Header photograph by: Hambleton District Council

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