Sheraton Grand Hotel

The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa


Interior Building Drainage

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply the drainage solution for The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa's new kitchen refurbishment. 

The new kitchen refurbishment was to include increasing the number of machines in the kitchen, including high tilting kettles and brat pans to facilitate the hotels tremendous catering requirements at peak periods. With both of these; when emptied they discharge around 40 litres of waste. Component Developments needed to design a bratt pan gully system which could manage such high amounts of water, whilst not being 'over-kill' in areas where there was much less of a hyrdraulic requirement.

Component Developments created 750mm wide channels, with drip branches directly under the machinery to catch the final pour when the kettle was at maximum tilt. Gullies were also fitted, and included removable waste baskets and odour traps; necessities in areas where hygiene is paramount.

All of the systems were topped with Component Developments anti-slip grating, for a further level of safety and to prevent employee slippage.

Thank you to the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa for allowing us to use their image on our header.
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