Interior Building Drainage

Component Developments worked closely alongside engineers for Sainsbury’s to design a range of trapped gullies that would fit in with existing assemblies, and perform the necessary functions required.

The gullies included removable waste baskets, odour traps, rodding ports, vertical outlet spigots, and each had two back inlets at 180 degrees to each other. Our standard gully bodies are designed to be round rather than square and therefore has no corners where bacteria can fester and breed, ensuring ease of cleaning. The removable waste baskets, enables periodic, easy cleaning of any debris, whilst the odour traps prevents foul air coming back into the open, and potentially contaminating food.

The gullies included our Vinoseal clamp which allows a safe attatchment to vinyl sheet flooring. It helps increase product life due to the clamp helping prevent failure due to seepage. The products were then topped with either a smooth mesh or sealed plate grating. For the smooth mesh grating, removable tundishes were supplied where necessary.

Component Developments now have a standard range of drainage products used in Sainsburys across the UK.


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