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P.D. Hook (Hatcheries) Ltd

Devon, UK

Interior Building Drainage

P.D. Hook (Hatcheries) Ltd is a family-owned business, founded in the 1950s and has grown to become the largest independent hatchery company in the UK and a major player in the UK poultry market. Due to them being extremely busy environment, with the capacity to hatch over 10,000,000 chicks per week, we had to be as hygienic and swift as possible when measuring and installing the custom gratings. Component Developments were approached with this challenge due to us being known for both expertise and hygiene.  

We were enquired about designing and manufacturing new stainless steel drainage channels in order to both accept trolly loadings smoothly over the top of them and be as hygienic as possible. Previously their in-situ gratings were made using GRP with large drainage apertures which allowed excellent drainage but gave an uneven surface which could possibly damage the un-hatched eggs. Therefore, the trade-off was 4mm thick perforated grating that gave the smooth finish required along with easier maintenance and reaching the drainage required to ensure fluids went to drain. 

While the customer wanted new gratings, they wished to minimise disruption, so we decided to utilise the existing resin-based channel systems, each being measured individually to ensure the width and depth was correct as we discovered multiple differences. 

Since supplying these gratings, we have been invited back to site to measure phase two which has now been completed. 

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