London Bridge Place

Exterior Building Drainage

With over 3 million people visiting the shard attractions a year and another million people visiting the viewing platform, London Bridge Place is constantly flooding with tourists and commuters. Component Developments worked alongside Grants of Shoreditch Ltd to design, manufacture and supply a discrete slot drainage solution to London Bridge Place.  

The slot drain chosen was Component Developments 3604 asymmetrical slot drain, the most discrete slot drain of the product range. It had a 5mm visible drainage aperture, the only thing visible from floor level. The system was supplied with levelling feet to help aid installation.

Component Developments incorporated two inspection chambers into each slot drain run; this was to enable access when necessary and help prevent blockages and therefore system failure. The access boxes were recessed to take the floor finish, keeping the systems as discrete as possible.

The final solution supplied was a minimalist, yet effective drainage solution which was capable of taking the weight of high pedestrian traffic whilst meeting all hydraulic and site requirements.

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