Kerry Foods

Interior Building Drainage

Kerry Foods is the leader in global food ingredients bringing technology leadership and sustainable growth to the food and beverage industries. Brands belonging to Kerry Foods include Richmond, Cheestring and Mattessons.

Component Developments have completed multiple projects for Kerry Foods factories. All of the stainless steel floor drainage systems need to meet specific hydraulic and hygiene requirements, whilst being able to effectively take the weight of slow moving vehicles and palette trucks.

The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 explicitly state that floors must “allow adequate surface drainage”. To meet these criteria easy-to-clean stainless steel drainage can be incorporated into the factory. Component Developments specialise in stainless steel drainage solutions, and therefore this expertise makes them the ideal company to design hygienic drainage systems that will meet the regulations.

For Kerry Foods, Component Developments predominantly use their 3210RS channel profile. This profile includes reinforced shoulders which help the system take the necessary loadings. It also includes a built in fall, to discourage pooling and encourage the fast and effective removable of excess liquid and slippery contaminants from the area.

For Kerry Foods the built-in fall travelled towards Component Developments type 5300 gully, which comes complete with a removable waste basket, odour trap and 110mm diameter side outlet spigot. This gully works at a capacity of 6.0 l/s.

Component Developments gullies are spun circular which allows the waste to easily travel down the pipe. This “self-cleaning” design helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria that are commonly found in the corners of square boxed gullies.

All the systems were topped with Component Developments heavy duty anti-slip grating with a smaller mesh than the standard anti-slip grating, and a thicker load bar. The 23 x 23mm open mesh allows debris to fall into the system, and be caught by the removable waste basket.  The removable waste basket then can be periodically emptied and rinsed keeping the system hygienic and clean. 

Products used

Kitchen Channel Standard System

Stainless Steel Floor Drainage Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

Component Developments has 30 years of experience supplying hygienic stainless steel drainage solutions for some of the most prestigious commercial kitchens throughout the UK.

Product Details

Industrial Standard Channel System

Stainless Steel Floor Drainage Solutions for the Food and Drink Industry.

Component Developments designed a stainless steel floor drainage solution specially for places where hygiene and durability are paramount such as the Food and Drink industry.

Product Details

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