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Higgidy is a UK company established in 2003 making handmade pies and quiches. The word “higgidy” was made up by a small child and refers to the fact that all of Higgidy’s pies are individual and imperfectly shaped.

Component Developments worked alongside Resin Flooring HQ limited to design, manufacture and supply the stainless steel floor drainage solution at their production facility. After a full review of the factory, Component Developments concluded that both a heavy duty and standard duty 3010 channel profiles would need to be used as in some areas there were pallet trucks, and trolleys which would require a heavier duty channel.

Heavy duty channels were manufactured to have reinforced shoulders and a heavy-duty anti-slip grating to help distribute the weight of pallet trucks and trolleys better. The grating has thicker load bars, and a finer mesh than the standard anti-slip grating. The finer mesh helps distribute loadings and prevents small trolley wheels getting stuck in the gratings which could cause damage to the drainage channel or the trolley itself.

All drainage channels included a built in fall at 1:100 to Component Developments type 5200 gully system complete with a removable waste basket, filter plate, odour trap and rodding port. The removable waste basket allows debris to be caught and periodically removed, preventing the system of blockage whilst the odour trap prevents foul air being circulated back into the production facilities as this would be a health and safety hazard.

The final solution is a sustainable, long-lasting drainage solution that met all specifications and regulations necessary.


Products used

Comm kitchen stainless steel channel

Stainless Steel Drainage Channel Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Component Developments has 30 years of experience supplying hygienic stainless steel drainage solutions for some of the most prestigious commercial kitchens throughout the UK.

Product Details

Industrial Standard Channel System

Stainless Steel Drainage Channels for the Food and Drink Industry.

Component Developments designed a stainless steel floor drainage solution specially for places where hygiene and durability are paramount such as the Food and Drink industry.

Product Details

HD Access Cover

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Manhole Cover

For areas such as loading bays, where slow moving vehicles are used.

Product Details

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