Hengrove Park Leisure Centre


Interior Building Drainage

Located in the heart of South Bristol, Hengrove Park Leisure Centre offers an impressive number of facilities; including a specialist spin studio, 50m international swimming pool, 20m teaching pool and sports hall.

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and design the optimum floor drainage solution for the leisure centre. A variety of stainless steel floor drainage products were supplied in order to achieve this; these products included a compact drainage channel, a standard drainage channel, manhole covers and standalone gullies.

The 3610G compact drainage channel provides a continuous slot along its length which is maintained by small spacer bars at every 300mm. Due to the thin system there is no need for a grating, and are suitable for barefoot. It has proven to be a cost effective, and easy to maintain system. To clean, all you need is a hose!

Component Developments also supplied their drainage channel profile which is specifically designed for leisure (6010). As standard the channel comes 180mm wide with a 150mm wide Heelsafe Grating. Heelsafe gratings have a thin smooth 47 x 5mm open mesh which is safe on barefoot and high heels.

Both drainage channels had Component Developments 5150 gully incorporated into the systems with either a built-in-fall or when required a level invert. A trapped, fully roddable gully is an imperative part of a drainage channel being used in leisure. The odour trap prevents foul air and smells being recycled back into the air which is unhygienic and undesired by consumers.

The gullies are supplied complete with a removable waste basket. In leisure centres a removable waste basket is a necessary component in the channel systems. The basket allows debris such as hair to be caught and filtered out before entering the system. This prevents blockage and failure and allows for periodic removal, and easy maintenance.

Component Developments gullies are spun circular which allows for waste to easily move through the system. This “self-cleansing” design helps to prevent the build-up on bacteria that are commonly found in the corners of square boxed gullies.

Component Developments also supplied a variety of stainless steel access covers. All were supplied complete with lifting keys and were recessed and double sealed. However in some cases the Vinoseal™ access cover which comes with a vinyl clamping flange suitable for sheet flooring was supplied.

In total 150 L/m of drainage channel and 70 standalone gullies were supplied to Hengrove to offer a seamless, effective and durable floor drainage solution.

Everything supplied was manufactured in Grade 316 stainless steel. Grade 316 unlike Grade 304 has approximately 2-3% molybdenum. This addition increases corrosion resistance, particularly against chloride. By using Grade 316 Component Developments ensured the extended product life of the drainage solution.


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