Grosvenor House Hotel

Interior Building Drainage

The Grosvenor House Hotel was built in the 1920s and opened in 1929 on the site of Grosvenor House, the former London residence of the Duke of Westminster. Grosvenor House underwent a four year renovation and restoration costing £142 million and reopened in 2008. This included a full refurbishment of all restaurants, guest rooms, health facilities, and public areas. The Great Room, Ballroom, Court Suite, restaurants, bars, meeting paces and 494 guest rooms that can accommodate a total of 6,000 people. Component Developments worked closely with the contractors during the refurbishment, and still supply floor drainage to this iconic hotel.

Component Developments has designed, manufactured and supplied a variety of stainless steel drainage channels and manhole covers to the kitchen areas of the hotel. Component Developments used their 3010 drainage channel profile to design the kitchen drainage channels, which were 300mm wide to prevent a box outlet and to give a neat final product. The systems had a built in fall which discouraged pooling to a type 5200 gully which included a removable waste basket, odour trap, rodding port and 110mm diameter outlet spigot. The removable waste basket allowed food debris to be caught and thus periodically removed to prevent potential system blockage, whilst the odour trap prevents foul air being recirculated back into the kitchen area. All the drainage channels were topped with Component Developments anti-slip grating, which prevented employee slippage and had a 1 tonne wheel load.

Component Developments also supplied a variety of manhole covers in various standard and non-standard sizes. All the manhole covers were recessed and double sealed to take floor finishes, and were supplied with lifting keys. Any covers over 900 x 900mm were supplied as a multi-cover to help distribute the weight of the manhole.

The overall drainage solution was a durable, long lasting, high performance floor drainage system which was capable of meeting all hydraulic and hygienic requirements whilst being durable enough to withstand large amounts of traffic.


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