Interior Building Drainage

Fruitanize is a specialist business in the prepared fruit industry. Component Developments was approached by Quickset Chemical Flooring Ltd to design, manufacture and supply the stainless steel drainage for the new build factory.

Hygiene is imperative in food processing and therefore stainless is the ideal solution due to its easy to clean and corrosion resistant properties. Component Developments supplied two 3010RS stainless steel drainage channels with reinforced shoulders to meet the necessary loading requirements. Both systems came complete with a removable waste basket, odour trap and built-in fall to a 5300 gully. The waste basket is designed to catch any solids before they enter the foul drainage pipework and ensures easy cleaning of the system. The odour trap stops any smells from escaping and provides a 75mm water seal. Without the trap, foul, bacteria laden air could rise and contaminate the surrounding air. The gullies were larger than the standard option to ensure the channel could cope with the large discharges of water.

All of the systems were grade 316 stainless steel topped with anti-slip gratings, suitable for pedestrian and pallet truck traffic and preventing employee slippage; giving the safest and most effective solution.

Products used

Industrial Standard Channel System

Stainless Steel Drainage Channels for the Food and Drink Industry.

Component Developments designed a stainless steel floor drainage solution specially for places where hygiene and durability are paramount such as the Food and Drink industry.

Product Details

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