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Domino’s Pizza currently has locations in 6,701 cities worldwide, in 75 countries. It is one of the most well-known and in demand pizza stores in the UK. To keep up with this demand Domino’s has supply chain centres throughout each country. The quality of these centres gives the franchisees the support and stability needed to concentrate on delivering high quality pizzas and outstanding service.

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply the stainless steel drainage solution to Domino’s Penrith supply chain centre, for the production area. The system needed to meet any FDA requirements, be easy to clean, durable and also capable of keeping up with the hydraulic requirements.

After site visits, and discussions with contractors on site Component Developments designed the optimum solution which was an “F” shaped system, and one straight system around the production area.

Due to the length of the channel systems, they were designed to have a “V” base; this encouraged the flow of water to the closest outlet, and prevented the occurrence of ponding.

The straight system in some places sat in front of doorways; in these places reinforced shoulders and a heavy duty grating  were used to help distribute the loadings from high traffic and slow moving vehicles. This system included a built in fall to a 5200 trapped outlet gully, including a removable waste basket, odour trap, rodding port and 110mm diameter outlet spigot.

The “F” shaped system included a built in fall to 4 No. 5200 trapped outlet gullies complete with a removable waste basket, odour trap, rodding port and 110mm diameter outlet spigot.

All systems were topped with Component Development’s anti-slip grating (heavy duty where necessary) which allows any debris to fall into the system to be caught by the waste baskets, whilst also preventing employee slippage.

The final solution was a sustainable, effective, durable stainless steel drainage solution which met all specifications, and the necessary lead time.


Products used

Industrial Standard Channel System

Stainless Steel Drainage Channels for the Food and Drink Industry.

Component Developments designed a stainless steel floor drainage solution specially for places where hygiene and durability are paramount such as the Food and Drink industry.

Product Details


Stainless Steel Gratings

Stainless Steel Gratings Available for Gullies and Drainage Channels.

Product Details

HD Access Cover

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Manhole Cover

For areas such as loading bays, where slow moving vehicles are used.

Product Details

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