Clapham Leisure Centre

Interior Building Drainage

Clapham Leisure Centre is a vibrant, family friendly venue which offers state of the art gym facilities for all. It forms part of the “Clapham One” project which also included a new library and medical centre.

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply the stainless steel floor drainage solution to the leisure centre.  Component Developments designed a drainage solution that incorporated two channel profiles specifically designed for leisure.

In areas such as showers where a larger capacity was needed Component Developments 6010 drainage channel profile was used. This came with a built in fall to two gullies, including removable waste baskets, odour traps, rodding ports and 110mm diameter outlet spigots. These channels were topped with a Heelsafe grating, which has a narrow smooth mesh (47 x 5mm open mesh) which is suitable and safe for barefoot pedestrian traffic.

In dryer areas such as in the changing rooms and toilets Component Developments 3611G compact drainage channel was used. This comes complete with a removable central bar which is made of smooth, polished stainless steel and therefore is suitable for barefoot. This drainage channel profile included a level invert to a gully complete with removable waste basket, odour trap, rodding port and 110mm diameter outlet spigot.  Due to the gullies being larger than the width of the compact drainage channel, box outlets were used. These boxes were topped with Heelsafe gratings ideal for leisure applications.

All of the floor drainage systems were supplied in Grade 316 stainless steel. This is because it has 2-3% molybdenum which increases corrosion resistance particularly against chlorides. Therefore manufacturing in 316 helps prevent the failure of the systems and increase product life.

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