Battersea Reach


Exterior Building Drainage

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply a slot channel solution to Battersea Reach. It had to be visually subtle, effective and a sustainable slot drainage across the project, which met all hydraulic, aesthetic and loading requirements.

The asymmetrical slot drain system designed provided a continuous slot drainage solution, with high hydraulic efficiency to enable rapid removal of surface water from the impermeable pavement across Battersea Reach.

Having a system that is sustainable and easy to maintain is imperative. Blockage to the drainage system is minimized by having only a 10mm drainage aperture which is narrower than the channel body. This prevents the potential of debris entering the drain and causing blockages.

The system also has 62 inspection chambers, providing openings for easy, periodic removal of silt and general system maintenance. The slot drain can also be easily cleaned with a hosepipe, which will help encourage silt built ups to pass through the system.

Products used

Slot Drain - 3604

Product Details

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