Alpha LSG

Interior Building Drainage

Alpha LSG is one of the market leaders of inflight catering, sourcing the best ingredients and chefs’ to cook top-class restaurant quality food before it is packaged and loaded onto some of the worlds’ leading airlines planes.

Component Developments was approached to design, manufacture and supply the hygienic drainage solution for Alpha LSG’s production factory, or “kitchen”.  Their production facility or “kitchen” was two units complete with hygienic resin flooring in which Component Developments was to design a drainage solution to meet the positioning of installed kitchen appliances.

Component Developments designed, manufactured and supplied a 600 x 600mm square gully for areas where tilting kettles were present. To ensure the gullies could take the large volume of water that could be discharged at any one moment, they were designed to include Component Developments type 5300 gully (6.0 L/s) complete with a removable waste basket, odour trap and rodding port. The removable waste basket enabled any debris in the kettles to be caught, preventing blockage to the systems and easy cleaning.

Component Developments also designed, manufactured and supplied 250mm drainage channels for areas with less hydraulic requirements, such as pot wash areas. These drainage channels incorporated Component Developments type 5200 gully (3.0 L/s) again complete with a removable waste basket, odour trap and rodding port.

Both types of system were topped with Component Developments anti-slip grating with a 23 x 23mm open mesh and a 30 x 2mm load bar. This protects employees whilst allowing any debris to fall into the system to be caught by the basket and also due to being stainless is easy to clean and meets all food safety requirements.

The final solution was a combination of drainage channels and square gullies which met all food safety and hydraulic and lead time requirements.  

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