2 Sisters Food Group

2 Sisters Food Group


Interior Building Drainage

The 2 Sisters Food Group supply around a third of all the poultry eaten in the UK every day. Component Developments have supplied products to the factory for many years. On this particular project, Component Developments was approached due to a contractor previously installing inadequate drainage for the 2 Sisters chill room.

The existing drainage consisted of one small shallow gully, which was not meeting any of the neccesary requirements. To solve this problem, Component Developments worked alongside the contractors to design and supply a long T shape drainage system; the main stem of the T was centrered on the room as a wash down facility, which is constantly trafficked by pallet trucks. 

This constant traffic meant that Component Developments had to design a 3010RS heavy duty channel, with reinforced shoulders to help take the loadings. The large T shape channel also meant that any surface water would be drained away as efficiently as possible, decreasing the risk of any hygiene issues.

In a food production factory, all surface drainage systems need to be in stainless steel, ideally Grade 316 also known as the "food grade". It is also necessary to have suitable odour traps, and removable waste baskets in gullies, to keep the most hugienic and sustainable drainage solution possible.

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