What is a Drainage Channel?

What is a Drainage Channel?

A channel within the floor, to reduce the number of individual drainage points.

The system is designed with gratings to allow drainage into the channel, while carrying various loads.

The channel is manufactured from stainless steel to create a water tight system that can include a built-in fall to any number of outlet options.


Component Developments offer a comprehensive range of drainage channels to suit any application and floor finish, combined with the ability to produce bespoke systems to meet site requirements.

All our drainage channels are designed to be used in conjunction with the 5000 series gullies, with the 3000 and 6000 series both utilising the 4000 series gratings.

Channels are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel grade 304 of 316 to BS 1449 part 2 1983 in lengths only limited by transportation and site logistics.


  • High standard of hygiene – health hazards associated with cracks or seepage at joints are eliminated.
  • Built-in fall means no surveying equipment required. Levelling bolts provide fine height adjustment.
  • Channels manufactured on CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment. Minimal welding reduces bacteria breeding traps. Where welds are necessary (stop ends, junctions, outlets), they are ground as smooth as is practical.
  • Mechanical joint system. Strong proven joint, no failures over the last 20 years. Gasket allows slight tolerance on site and allows expansion of channels.
  • Electrolytically polished. This hygienic finish has proven low-count swab test results. Also reduces potential corrosion in aggressive environments.
  • Choice of gratings. Mesh type for deluge situations, pressed for wash-down. Loadings from pedestrian to 5 ton forklift traffic.

Product Range

3000 Series – Standard Drainage Channels

  • Strong, hygienic, functional and attractive solution to floor drainage design.
    Minimum channel depth of 50mm. 
  • Ideal for use where there is a lot of water or waste matter, direct discharge from process equipment into floor drainage creating deluge and turbulence and where channels interconnect with a number of gullies.

3600 Series – Super Compact Drainage Channels

  • Clean and unobtrusive appearance fits flush with the floor and has no gratings.
  • Easy-to-clean system which is cost effective.
  • Conical shaped channel ensures a free flow of waste.
  • Minimum channel depth of 50mm (constant depth) or 65mm (built-in fall).

6000 Series – Modular Channels

  • Economy system strictly restricted to 155mm overall width.
  • Shallow minimum channel depth of 40mm.
  • Suitable only for tiled, concrete or resin floor finish (resin finish will require expansion angle EF).
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