Spot Gullies & Rodding Points

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5000 series

Trapped gullies

The gully is the most important part of any surface drainage system as it connects to the building’s foul drainage, filtering the wastewater and preventing foul smells from entering the building.

Our stainless steel gully pots are spun circular which allows the waste to easily slide down into the waste pipe. This ‘self cleaning’ design helps to prevent the build up of bacteria that are commonly found in the corners of square boxed gullies.

For this reason they are ideal for use in areas such as kitchens, bakeries, dairies and food processing plants.


Easily accessible

All our spot gullies are fully roddable, by simply removing the basket and odour trap you gain complete access for cleaning and rodding, eliminating the need for additional rodding points and providing you with a rugged, durable and hygienic product.

The choice of spot gully is driven by the flow rate requirement, with each standard gully having a different capacity;          

Product Number 5150 = 1.8 l/s

Product Number 5200 = 3.0 l/s

Product Number 5300 = 6.0 l/s


Rodding eye

We also supply stainless steel rodding eyes for gaining access to the head of the drainage system. These are double sealed with a locked down, removable stainless steel cover plate.


Outlet dimensions

The outlet diameters are compatible to uPVC pipes, sizes 110 and 160 (standard couplings and adaptors are readily available within the industry to connect to clay and cast iron drainage).


Individual gully point

The 5000 series gully bodies have been designed to be used either as individual drainage points or in conjunction with our stainless steel channel systems. 

When used as a standalone washdown point, a square seating to accommodate the grating is inserted into the top of the gully. When installing, this seating can be moved up or down by as much as 70 mm to match the height of the floor.

This design can be a benefit if the final floor height turns out to be different than originally planned. As well as moving up and down, it can also be twisted by a total of 360 degrees in order to line up nicely at finished floor level!


Used with a drainage channel

Because of the dual purpose nature of the gully, in areas where a channel is more appropriate the channel outlet simply connects directly into the stainless steel gully body.

It’s important that you get the right combination of channel and gully to suit your project.


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