Standard Systems

Hand crafted

Hygienic, strong, attractive and functional drainage systems are where we excel in manufacturing. All parts are hand crafted by our team of highly experienced engineers using sheet stainless steel in grades 304 or 316.

Long channels

Our channels are produced in sections up to 6 metres (only limited by transportation logistics), which join together onsite to produce any system length needed. Each channel is manufactured with a built in fall along its length, to allow free flowing removal of wastewater.  

Why specify stainless?

The smooth surface of stainless steel is well known for its hygienic benefits. It provides a self cleansing velocity for liquids at very shallow gradients, before the need for manual flushing. It’s also resistant to staining, rusting and attacks from cleaning solvents! 

What will you need?

There are several questions you will need to think about when choosing the correct channel.

  • Do you need a long channel or is an individual gully point more appropriate for the area?
  • What type of room is it?
  • What’s the foot traffic?
  • Is there heavy machinery?
  • Is there a high volume of wastewater?

Width and depth

Also, with a channel, consideration needs to be taken for both its width and depth. The width of the channel may depend on the capacity required or the size of the splash area below any discharging equipment. The depth however, may be more dependent on the length of channel, in order to keep it's slope over a long distance.

We are here to help!

Of course, with all these questions and more, we are happy to help. We aim to make sure that, right from the start of your project, you are well advised and have everything you will need.

To help make things as straightforward as possible, we have devised a range of standard channel systems based on where the system will be used. Please see below...