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To complete your stainless steel drainage system you will need the appropriate grating.

We supply various styles of drainage grating, all of which can be used with our drainage channels or the standalone gullies.

Choosing the most appropriate type of grating will depend on the environment in which it is being placed.

All gratings meet British Standards:

            BS EN 1253 (Interior)

            BS EN 1253 (Exterior)


Square mesh - Antislip / Antislip HD

Ideal for discharge drainage in food prep areas such as industrial food factories and commercial kitchens. For industrial use, this grating gives a good grip to the bottom of boots to help prevent slipping and our heavy duty option is ideal for areas where pallet trucks and forklifts regularly pass over.


Square mesh - Smooth / Smooth HD

Used for general drainage in fork lift areas. This open mesh allows a large amount of water to pass through quickly. Depending on where it will be used, a heavy duty option is also available.


Fine mesh - Heelsafe

Public areas with pedestrian access. This grating has a smooth finish, which is ideal for barefoot traffic in leisure centres. Also safe for most high heel shows.


Slotted grating - HD

This heavy duty grating is ideal for constant traffic. It's very easy to clean and therefore a great, hygienic option for food prep areas with heavy traffic.

Square mesh - Antislip / Antislip HD
Square mesh - Smooth / Smooth HD
Fine mesh - Heelsafe
Slotted - HD

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