Compact Channels

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Our compact channel is a popular option for industrial factories and leisure centres. It provides a continuous slot along its length which is maintained by small spacer bars at every 300mm. Available with a constant depth or with a built in fall, the channel system drains to an outlet box that is connected to our 5000 series gully pot.

Easy to clean

As there is no grating needed along the length of the compact channel, it has proven itself to not only be a ‘cost-effective’ drainage system but also one that is easier to clean. Simply wash the compact channel out with a hose!

Profile options

The range of standard profiles have been designed specifically for the conveyance of water in areas where there is depth restrictions, high volume of discharge and heavy loadings such as forklfts, pump trucks and pallets etc. 

With the standard design, the outlet can be positioned anywhere along the length of the compact channel with a built in fall (depending on the profile).

For use in leisure centres; the compact channel is fitted with a spacer bar to protect feet and toes!

Key features

- Austentic stainless steel (grades 304 or 316)
- Hygienic electropolished finish
- 2mm thick stainless steel
- No channel grating required
- Easy to clean with a hose
- Connects to a 5000 series gully via an outlet box
- Anchor tangs and adjustable feet
- Spacer bar supplied for barefoot traffic

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