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Interior Building Drainage

H.M Prison Hull opened in 1870 with a traditional Victorian style building and has since expanded with the site considerably increasing in size. There are now nine residential wings providing an operational capacity of over 1,000 inmates. Subsequently the kitchens are a substantial size, providing 4,000 meals each day.

Component Developments supplied the prison with three channel systems situated within the kitchen. The system was designed with an expansion angle specifically to suit the area’s wash down requirements, as well as a number of large tilting kettles discharging directly into it. Totalling over 16 metres in length, and falling to our type 5300 trapped gullies with integral waste baskets, the outlets capacity is six litres a second.

Solutions for prisons also include surface protection and shower drainage with locked gratings, as required for prison projects. All options available within a lead time to suit the requirements for working in an operational prison.

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