Anspach and Hobday Brewery.

Anspach and Hobday


Interior Building Drainage


Component Developments worked alongside Flordeck to design, manufacture and supply a stainless steel channel into the Anspach and Hobday Brewery.

The channel included permanent brace bars, anchors, levelling feet and a built-in fall to a gully with a removable waste basket and odour trap. This solution would be easy-to clean, which is imperative in the food and drink industry. The system supplied can accommodate large amounts of waste water whilst also being able to withstand the weight of a forklift and other transportation regularly used within this industry.

“Component Developments have engineered the drainage channel systems for many of our projects, particularly in the Craft Brewery Business. Together we have achieved stainless steel installations into both brand new and progressive developments, giving our clients the high standard, smartness, practicality and quality that they have invested in. “ – Paul Judge, Flordeck

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